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I am a political scientist with training in comparative politics and international relations, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and have experience in academia, research, and research management. I am currently a Researcher at the World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER). I work on projects regarding statebuilding and legitimacy, democratization and autocratization, foreign aid and governance, and international development. 


My research interests include contemporary Russian politics, as well as processes of democratization and authoritarianism more broadly. I have extensive fieldwork experience across Russia and have previously lived in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. 


I recieved my PhD in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. I hold an MSc from the University of Oxford's Russian and East European Studies programme and a BA from Whittier College. I have consulted on projects for the United States Embassy in Moscow and UNHCR.


University of California, Berkeley

Department of Political Science

210 Social Sciences Building 

Berkeley, CA 94720


Please reach out with any inquries about my research or ongoing projects. The best way to reach me is: msamarin[at]berkeley[dot]edu

   Download my full CV here.

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